"Carbon capture" is one of the latest approaches in the "fight" against climate change. Is it a legitimate idea, or just a way to tax businesses and individuals?

So, what is 'carbon capture?'

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards' Climate Change Task Force is studying the idea of making Louisiana one of America's leading storage sites for "carbon capture." And what is that? Well, from Together Louisiana:

"In theory, there are two ways to reduce the amount of carbon we're releasing into the atmosphere. You could stop doing the things that create those carbon emissions, especially burning fossil fuels. Or you could keep doing those things but create a way to stop the carbon emissions from burning those fuels from getting into the atmosphere.

Carbon capture is meant to accomplish this second approach by "capturing" carbon emissions and storing them underground, often in the same geological formations that originally held fossil fuels."

But how real is it?

But American Ground Radio's Steve Parr, who also holds a Masters Degree in Geosciences, maintains that the "carbon capture" idea is just another part of the ruse that is global warming."

"What good does it do? You're not going to eliminate enough carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to actually lower global temperatures," says Parr. "This is a quixotic adventure. Why spend time and money trying to change something you can't change?

"It's about power for the folks on the left because they've bought into a delusional idea."

And in the end, is "carbon capture" just a way for government to tax American industry, a cost that will inevitably be passed on to consumers? "We're now going to require (industries) to put in technologies that don't fully exist," saying it's just another leftist money grab, "The government loves inspecting things that are pointless," Parr says, "And this gives them another opportunity to actually fine companies that aren't capturing the carbon dioxide...which, again, is a pointless task."

Here's everything Parr told KEEL about the idea of "carbon capture."

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