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In the event you weren't aware, we are currently experiencing somewhat of a food crisis nationally. America is running short on chicken.  Now, don't think less of me for the headline, because there's actually an undertow of slight fear for some area restaurants worried that chicken could get harder and harder to find.

We've already seen that in the toilet paper world; it's hit the car lots and boat dealers and now, the world of yard birds is shrinking.

The simple and short answer to the question about the possibility of running out is NO. We won't run out, but for some fast food restaurants, it is getting tough to find all the product they need.

In fact, in an article from the New York Post, we learn that Louisiana's own Popeyes is trying to stay ahead of the issue:

Fast-food giant Popeyes has been stashing chicken for months amid a nationwide shortage and price hikes — to ensure it has a healthy reserve of poultry ahead of the debut of its new nuggets later this month.

Let me wrap my head around that. Popeyes is basically hoarding chicken? Lends itself to the question, "Is Wall Street now selling chicken futures?"

So why is there a shortage? From the research I've done, it appears to be a four-pronged issue.


COVID hit the chicken farmers just like every other industry and caused a huge interruption to the work force and since the pandemic these same farmers are having a really tough time finding labor.

Increased Demand

Much like many gun and ammunition manufacturers have suggested, the immediate increased demand for chicken, and the ease to have it delivered, during the pandemic caused a near insurmountable ripple in the supply chain.

The Winter Storm

Remember "Snowpocalypse 2021"? Well, it didn't just cause the roof of your garage to fall. It caused pandemonium to chicken houses and suppliers all over Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Mississippi.

Underperforming Roosters

Okay, this is the one that really caught me off guard. In an article on KTBS we read, "Tyson Foods said the chicken shortage is all due to the high demand right now, but also because of its underperforming roosters."  Apparently, Tyson says that roosters aren't producing as many chicks as expected.

So, once again, the heart of the blame falls squarely on "the guy." Can't a guy catch a break anymore? For crying out loud, we were in a pandemic and amidst unparalleled stresses, we still want our chicken studs to perform like there's no tomorrow.  We live in a cruel world.

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