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For the first time since the pandemic shutdown, WWE will be back in the Shreveport-Bossier City area on Saturday, July 9th, at Brooksire Grocery Arena. They're bringing their Saturday Night's Main Event live show to town for a huge night of action.

Initially, the show had some major names announced, including former World Champion Randy Orton, returning star Cody Rhodes, and a couple others who won't be able to perform due to injuries. Which means the words "card subject to change" will be invoked.

There will still be some big names still on the show, like Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch, but the show is still severely lacking some star power. There have been some suggesting (mostly wishful thinking) that WWE could move someone like Ronda Rousey or John Cena onto the tour to make up for the missing stars. But there has been no movement on either of those two names.

Today, WWE announced a big signing that would definitely boost their live event shows, especially the Bossier show in July.

WWE has now signed Youtube superstar Logan Paul to a full WWE contract. Paul had previously performed at this year's Wrestlemania, but that was essentially just a one match deal. This will be a full on contract.

Now that doesn't mean the he's guaranteed to do untelevised live shows (like we'll see in Bossier), but he will be doing more than one event. He will likely have a contract closer to Brock Lesnar than Cody Rhodes.

So is it possible that Logan Paul could be added to the Bossier show? Yeah, there's a better chance today than there was yesterday, but its not really a big chance at all...like maybe a 2% chance.

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