Coverdale/Page, the 1993 album that brought together Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page with Whitesnake frontman David Coverdale, could be getting a box set at some point in the future.

Coverdale talked about the possibility on Eddie Trunk's SiriusXM radio show, which you hear below.

The singer said discussions started just before Christmas, when Coverdale invited his new team at Warner Bros. to his studio in Reno to discuss plans, and the label president brought up the idea of remixing the album.

Coverdale was all for it, but with Whitesnake hoping to get out their new album, Flesh and Blood, in time for their upcoming summer tour with Foreigner and Jason Bonham, there was only a brief window to work on it. "At that time, I thought March-April-May, Jimmy and I could remix it and mix the unreleased songs that we had," he explained. "Because we had four or five extra songs."

You can hear the interview below.

Still, Coverdale said there were snags. "You're talking about synchronicity or good planning on the part of Warners," he noted. "The president of Warners U.K. was entertaining Jimmy at dinner or lunch and said, 'Hey, how would you fancy about revisiting the Coverdale/Page project?' And he went, 'I'll call Dave right now!' And I said to this guy, 'I'll call Jimmy right now.' It was the funniest shit."

In addition to the unreleased songs, Coverdale hinted at the possibility of a documentary being part of a box set. "I filmed the whole process from the first day Jimmy and I sat down to write music at my house in Lake Tahoe," he said. "So there's enough stuff to make it a really interesting package for the fans."

Shortly after meeting with the label, Coverdale got sick, which pushed back the remaining work on Flesh and Blood and shut the window on future projects for now. Because of Page's work on a new Led Zeppelin archival live project, Coverdale can't give a definite time frame in which the new package will arrive.

"We're definitely, when we can, when we both have the time, we will be remixing and adding," he said, adding with a laugh, "Don't be inundating with when! I don't know. When I have time."

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