The attractive women working Cowgirls Espresso in Seattle make us wish we had a bikini coffeehouse here in Louisiana. If you're like me and drink tons of coffee, be glad you live no where near Washington State.

So I can't confirm if the coffee is hot or not, but I can say this: Good Lord, man!

One of the best parts about the bikini-wearing baristas is that they dress up in different themed clothing every day of the week. The full schedule is: Military Monday, Cowgirls Tuesday, Bikini Wednesday (natch), School Girl Thursday and Fantasy Friday.

Sounds like no matter which day you stop by Cowgirls Espresso you'll get a free erection with your coffee order.

Check out the Cowgirls Espresso baristas

All of these pictures are from their Facebook page. The official website for Cowgirls Espresso is here.

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