I don't know about you, but I've lived in the south long enough to have a favorite "winter" ice cream flavor.  Maybe where you grew up it got too cold in the fall and winter to enjoy a frozen treat, but in East Texas and North West Louisiana - it's still ice cream weather well into October (and sometimes November).

With that being said, my favorite Fall flavor is back - the butterscotch-dipped ice cream cone at Dairy Queen!  Laugh all you want, but I would take one of these bad boys over a hundred Pumpkin-Spice anythings!  If you haven't indulged yourself in this time honored treat, make it a point to do so.

Dairy Queen is on a bit of a roll with their dipped cones, too.  This summer saw the first new flavor of this icy delicacy in a while with their Dreamsicle cone - but let's face it, that time is over.

Let us embrace the fall in true southern fashion with a few butterscotch cones, friday night football and plenty of air conditioner.

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