I have been a Dallas Cowboy fan as long as I have been alive. I was never given the opportunity to pick a team, I just followed along to who my family cheered for and I am no stranger to heartbreak. Cheering on a team that constantly loses teaches you loyalty which builds character right?

My brothers are very faithful and they taught me to love America's team through all the losses and man do the Dallas Cowboys have a lot of familiarity with loss. I once told someone that I am not used to being a winner but I'm loyal, and then told them I was a Dallas Cowboy Fan they understood. When I tell you I can love a team through anything, I mean it.

This Season Has Been Good to Loyal Cowboy Fans

Didn't we deserve it though? We have suffered enough, and the last time we got close to a Super Bowl I was in diapers. It looks like my team may go all the way.

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys
Richard Rodriguez, Getty Images

More Women are Watching Football and Becoming Active Fans

The report claims that women are loud and proud about cheering their team on. The NFL’s female fanbases have grown exponentially over the past decade. The latest report claims that "Women now make up 47% of all NFL fans"

The Dallas Cowboys Have the Most Engaged Female Fan Base

I have always thought that the best NFL fans are Dallas Cowboy fans, little did I know that the Cowboys also were the NFL team with the most engaged female fan base. How about them cowgirls?

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
Ronald Martinez, Getty Images


A new report from Bookies.com not only proved what I have believed all along, but it also revealed that we are pretty awesome fans overall. The report said, "The Dallas Cowboys not only have the most engaged female crowd, but they are also the most positively discussed team online from both their male and female followers."

Move Over Boys, Study Reveals That Over 20% of Dallas Cowboys Fanbase are Women

According to Bookies.com, 21.5% of Dallas Cowboys fans are female. We them girls! 

The New Orleans Saints Also Made the Top 5 List

In fact, the New Orleans Saints female fan base is not far behind the Dallas Cowboys female fanbase.

Which NFL teams Lead the Way for the Most Online Engagement From Women? Check Out the Top 5 List Below:

  1.  Dallas Cowboys 21.5%
  2. Buffalo Bills 20.8%
  3. New Orleans Saints 20.6%
  4. Kansas City Chiefs 20.6%
  5. Seattle Seahawks 18.2%


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