The event is being called "The Search For Bigfoot Weekend" and I am absolutely for it! This will be happening on the weekend of September 28th through the 29th.

Friday, September 28th, will be a movie night where they will be showing the Legend of Boggy Creek at 8 pm. Then Saturday is filled with tons of stuff going on with a day long scavenger hunt. The day will start at 8 am, but everyone will meet up at 11 am at the Boat House at Daingerfield State Park for "Art in the Park".

At 1 pm there will be an event called "Skulls, Skins, and Tracks" which I can only assume will be about learning the differences between different animal remains and how to track animals. 3 pm,  you'll be able to listen to a bigfoot story with "Read with a Ranger". After that you'll meet up at 5 pm for a hike. Then you'll get to have some bigfoot boogie time at the "Saturday Night Dance". To wrap up the evening their will be a "Search for Bigfoot" hike.

They will also have a costume giveaway at the dining hall while supplies last.

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