After spending a majority of his career delivering hard rocking music with the bands Asking Alexandria and We Are Harlot, singer Danny Worsnop is going another direction for his next effort. Get a listen to his country-tinged new single "I Got Bones" by checking out the video above.

Worsnop is absent from the video, allowing a tattooed, boot-wearing beauty to be the center of the clip. She walks through the fields, stopping at a fence where she reflects on a night drinking at the local watering hole.

As for the song itself, it starts off rather reserved and bluesy, before the guitars kick in and raise the energy level of the track. And while the song is definitely country, fans of Worsnop's rock past can see how his vocal work in that area aid the song in delivering some of the more powerful moments.

"I Got Bones" is featured on Worsnop's upcoming disc, The Prozac Sessions. You can hear more audio samples from the album by checking out this teaser. Pre-order bundles are available at this location.

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