Okay.  So the headline is a little misleading.  Yes, Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters), Jack Black (Tenacious D), and actor Val Kilmer have a new band called Sweetriver and the Huckleberry Dogs.  And they do have some new music.  But this 'Supergroup' isn't an offical band - it was something the three put together for the web series "Ghost Ghirls".

The trio  is featured in the series as a '70s country rock band that died in a plane crash, just to return as ghosts and haunt the recording studio - all to record their last song and finally rest in peace.

You can check out the two songs they recorded for the series, "Georgia Peach" and "Back to the Beginning," on iTunes now.  Watch a clip of their appearance on the show here:

If you have 15 minutes to spare, watch Part 1 of the two part "Sweetriver" story; part two is coming soon:

Can a Sweetriver and the Huckleberry Dogs Greatest Hits album be far behind? We can only hope...

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