Oh, how I love chicks that rock! There's just something about about a hot chick on stage with that "I can kick your ass" attitude that makes me giddy. Joan Jett, Lzzy Hale, Amy Lee...anyone remember Drain STH???  Pure estrogen overload!

Late last year, someone turned me on to a band from L.A. called Dead Sara.  They had this singer, Emily Armstrong, that could take down Janis Joplin in a bar fight...and kick her ass at karaoke, too.  And as a bonus, a hot guitar player.  Who can play.  Seriously play.  I was sold before I heard a note. Then I heard them.

Make no mistake, Dead Sara are the real deal. If hearing their song "Weatherman" nonstop on 99X hasn't convinced you, check out the new video below. GIG-GIT-Y!!!

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