I know times are tough. And when times are tough, some people get to the end of their rope and resort to stealing to make ends meet. Muggers steal your money, burglars steal your silverware and jewelry, ex-girlfriends steal your...sperm???

Layne Hardin, a Louisiana man, has filed a lawsuit against a Houston fertility clinic and his ex-girlfriend Toby Devall, claiming that the clinic failed to take proper precautions to keep his ex-girlfriend (Devall) from stealing his baby batter.

Hardin, 44, said he made the sperm donation specifically for one Katherine LeBlanc, another ex-girlfriend. After he and LeBlanc had a child together, he made a "deposit" in 2002 with Texas Andrology Services sperm bank prior to a vasectomy, with specific directions to allow only LeBlanc access to his swimmers.

According to ABC News, he now claims that Devall, whom he dated after he broke up with the first girlfriend, used her feminine wiles to convince the clinic to hand over two vials of his sperm - "no questions asked.".

And apparantely, Devall knows her way around a turkey baster, because she now has a 2-year-old son from the insemination with Hardin's sperm. A DNA test has confirmed that the child is Hardin's. She gave birth to the child in July 2010 and according to the lawsuit, she refuses to allow Hardin to see the boy. Hardin complains that he could be sued to pay child support for the 2-year-old boy, despite never authorizing the use of his sperm or having met the child.

In an interview with khou.com, Hardin's attorney Cade Bernsen, said:

At the end of the day, there are more precautions taken giving an 18-year-old a pack of cigarettes and checking their ID than there was for this sperm bank checking the credentials of this lady.

The moral of this story: Wrap that rascal! And any sperm you don't want going to nefarious purposes should be disposed of. Late at night. In a Kleenex. During a Spice Channel double feature.


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