There is home near Shreveport that its owners say is haunted: kitchen cabinets opening by themselves, a rocking chair that rocks on its own, and photos of what could be apparitions all solidify to the Williams family that there home is indeed a playhouse for spooks.

The woman of the house, Sassy Williams, says there have been unexplained happenings in nearly every room of the family’s mid-19th century home, which was built by Dr. Abel Skannal in 1832. It is because of the good doctor the family believe the house is consumed by ghosts.

"When he was alive he kept a coffin in the attic. A lot of these stories are very bizarre," Historian Pam Carlisle told KTBS-TV, adding that the tales went so far as to speculate that Dr. Skannal slept in the coffin with one of his slaves chained to him.

Williams says after the family moved into the house, her son would complain that he couldn’t sleep because he could, well, see dead people. "When we first moved in our son would come downstairs and I would say 'What’s wrong? Why can't you sleep?' and he said he could see ‘people running across my room,’" she said.

The Louisiana Historical marker that sits by the house located on Sligo Road in Haughton reads: "This house was built in stages between 1832 and 1848, and by 1850 was owned by Doctor Abel Skannal. From this house the family controlled five plantations totaling over 8,000 acres. Rumors about ghosts are sustained by the fact that Doc Skannal kept a coffin in the attic of the house. The family cemetery is located nearby in the woods."

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