The cell phone has changed the concert going experience over the last decade or so, and not always in a good way. During a recent show at Dallas' House of Blues, Disturbed's David Draiman voiced his displeasure with an audience member that he spotted texting throughout the band's performance and called her out on it.

The fan-shot video above shows Draiman trying to rally the audience for more cheers before he decided to point out the audience member that had been annoying him with her texting. "Oh, up in the balcony, what am I gonna do with you? Especially this one. Yeah, you, the brunette. Yeah. Hi, how are you," started Draiman. "So what is so important going on in the world that you need to be texting the entire f--king show? The whole show! You're right up front; I can see you clear as day. You've had your face in your f--king phone the whole goddamn show. Are we that boring?"

While her response is not audible in the video, Draiman responds to her, "Don't tell me to go f--k myself; you already did by looking in your phone instead of paying attention." He then continues, "I'm not wrong. Am I wrong? If you were up here and I did that to you, how would you feel? Seriously! It's f--king rude. It is! If you don't wanna watch, don't watch, but don't stand there in front of the f--king stage in the front row of the balcony where everybody can see you texting the whole f--king time on your phone."

Draiman appears calm throughout his discussion, never really raising his voice. "I'll tell you what. Can I at least have your word that I will have your attention for the rest of whatever's left of the set," asks the singer, before concluding, "Now she's all pissed off. She thinks that I did something wrong to her. I love it. Welcome to the age of the Internet, ladies and f--king gentlemen."

Disturbed have a healthy tour schedule ahead of them. After a sold out show in Houston tonight, the group heads to New Orleans and Birmingham this weekend. See their full tour itinerary here.

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