Technology has taken over our lives, and that is a sentiment not lost on Disturbed, who address a bit of that with their new lyric video for "Open Your Eyes."

While the clip does spool out the lyrics for the song, there's a narrative in the visuals as well as a young man becomes deeper and deeper locked into his phone as the world around him and things that he should be taking a closer look at start to pass him by while the mood turns darker.

The song itself is a wake-up call, urging the listener to take a closer look at the world, especially in terms of how information is disseminated, and to look beyond what's coming through their TV and phone screens.

"Open Your Eyes" has been steadily moving up the charts as the fourth single from their 2015 album Immortalized. Disturbed continue to be one of the year's top touring draws and they now have dates booked all the way through March of 2017. See all of their upcoming stops here.

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