Phil Anselmo is one of the most polarizing figures in the world of rock and metal. Uncle Phil provided vocals for one of the most transcendent metal bands of all time, Pantera. He's also fronted Down, Superjoint (Ritual), Arson Anthem and a whole lot.

But, something you may not know, is that none of that may have happened if it wasn't for Phil's connection to Shreveport. Way back in the day before he linked up with Vinnie Paul and company, Phil was the frontman for the band Razor White. Razor White played ALL the time in Shreveport.

Well, the original incarnation of Pantera also played in Shreveport a lot. So, when Terry Glaze was on his way out of the band, Vinnie and Dime began searching for a new singer. When they talked to some people, one of the bar owners here in town suggested that Vinnie talk to Phil.

And the rest, as they say, is history. Actually, another little fun fact, Phil's first show with Pantera was right here in Shreveport, Louisiana. And then of course they became the number one story on MTV News for a while due to a riot that started because they pulled of a show because of a stupid Shreveport city ordinance.

If you watch the little two minute video at the top of the page, you can learn A LOT about Phil and Pantera's history in Shreveport.

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