LSU gears up to face top ranked Alabama Saturday night in Tiger Stadium. The Bayou Bengals are ranked 13th in the college football playoff  rankings.

So do the Tigers have a chance at being one of the four teams competing for the national championship?  Jerry Palm, with C-B-S sports-dot-com says LSU can’t afford another loss.

"They have to find a way to win the division and win the SEC Championship and get to 11-2 and then see what the competition is for those spots."

This is the third year of the college football playoff and a two-loss team has yet to make the playoffs. The Tigers already have two losses. Palm says even if LSU beats Alabama on Saturday, they’ll still need some help to reach the SEC title game:

"They would not have a tiebreaker edge against Auburn and they play Texas A&M so they could get that edge, but they would need Auburn to lose at least one more time."

LSU has put themselves back into college football playoff contention by winning all three games under interim head coach Ed Orgeron. Palm says the Tigers have played well under the new coach.

"But this is really gonna be the first big test for LSU since the coaching change. I think this is where we find out really just how much of an impact he is having."