Sorry LSU fans, this has nothing to do with your Tigers.

We've seen plenty of blue spaces in parking lots across the country that are designated for disabled individuals. Now, thanks to Wounded Warriors Family Support, we could be seeing a new designated space that is for our disabled veterans. The parking spaces are painted purple and feature Combat Wounded Parking Signs.

It was a decision made by Colonel John Folsom.

Folsom is the founder of the Wounded Warriors Family Support. His goal is to service the estimated 1.8 million Purple Heart recipients that have had to transition from combat life back to civilian life. Government buildings, businesses, churches, schools, medical buildings, and more have caught on to this goal and have installed these parking spots across the country.

Parking signs are free of charge.

We live in a military town so I wouldn't be surprised if we start seeing these in our backyard soon. We may already have. Have you seen any?