Okay so maybe I spent way too much time locked up waiting for an epic vacation, but let me tell you I know an epic vacation when I see one. There are so many ways to celebrate getting vaccinated and I think Mexico and tequila are calling my name. The thought of staying in a tequila barrel that provides an endless amount of tequila makes my heart skip a beat and yes, I am already looking up flights to the wonderful town of Tequila, Mexico.

Refugio Ruiz Getty Images
Refugio Ruiz Getty Images

Yes, the town is called Tequila. According to Insider.com you can sleep in a giant room shaped like a tequila barrel. The boutique hotel Matices Hotel de Barricas lets you sleep in a tequila barrel that is in a field of blue agave. What is blue agave? The plant used to make the magical tequila. 

Of course, there is a lot more to do than to sleep and drink, you're in the beautiful town of tequila. The town is a tourist's dream. I looked up pricing and it's only about $300 per night. I thought the price would be much more, so that was a pleasant surprise. If you want to sneak out of the country and celebrate the sweet lord's nectar that got you through quarantine, this vacation has your name all over it. 

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