If you are Irish, Catholic or like to drink, your holiday is on Friday: Saint Patrick's Day! There are certain staples NEEDED to celebrate St. Paddy's properly: Corned Beef and Cabbage, friendship, live music and green beer. So, to help you get your Paddy on properly, we bring you Patty in the Plaza downtown at Festival Plaza! And for all you Irish traditionalists: Patty is Paddy + Party= Patty.

There will be live music, a .08K Race, fun festivities...and, OF COURSE, green beer. But, before you show up on Friday ready to drink like an Irishman, how about you get yourself a little practice? We don't want you to hit the pavement like Arturo Gatti after 12 rounds with 'Irish' Micky Ward. Green Beer is pretty easy to make, it'll impress your friends and after a few days of work, well help you gear up for the big celebration on Friday.

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