March 21st Was a Scary Day for Many Texans.

Many of Us Wondered Who Was Behind the Wheel.

So many jokes were made about how big the driver's manhood must be. What if I told you that the driver in that red truck was a scared 16-year-old, who was driving home after an interview at the local Whataburger?

We First Found Out About Riley Leon Thanks to WFAA.

The 16-year-old told WFAA that the truck was handed down from her father and he had just finished paying it off.

KXAN YouTube Channel, Getty Images
KXAN YouTube Channel, Getty Images

I Have Seen Many People Claiming That This Was a Perfect Chevrolet Silverado Commercial.

We all hoped that Chevrolet would step up and gift this young man a brand new red chevy, now we are all cheering on a dealership out of Fort Worth. Bruce Lowrie Chevrolet has stepped up and will be giving Riley his very own brand new Chevy Silverado on Saturday. Now we eagerly await to see the video of Riley getting the keys.

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