Of all of the cites in the world where you should elect not to drive, New Orleans has to be number 1.  Sure New York would be a nightmare to drive in, and Colorado Springs probably has a lot of folks stopped at stop signs waiting for them to turn green.  With the pedestrian traffic and the massive amounts of "celebration" going on constantly - In New Orleans you are better off letting a professional get you to your destination safely.

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New Orleans will be rolling out the EZ10 on Monday afternoon.  The EZ10 is a self driving bus that has room for 12 folks, and it's already found success internationally in France and the Netherlands, and domestically Los Angeles and Las Vegas.  I wonder if the artificial intelligence is programmed to carry on conversations?

According to LRN, the bus system will follow a pre-determined routes and has the potential to help around 4,000 people a day.