This week, Louisiana State Representative Kenneth Havard introduced a law that would require strippers in the state of Louisiana to be under 160 lbs. Not only that, but when he was later questioned about how sexist this idea appears, and if he'd want to say he was sorry, or adjust what he said, he continued to defend the law. 

I'm not good with judging people's weight, mostly because I don't care. But apparently, someone outside of Pop Warner Football Coaches really do.

Maybe State Rep Havard just doesn't know what 160 lbs. looks like on different body types? You know, when someone is taller, they can weight more, and you have no idea. It's why doctor's use Body Mass Index. But let's not get technical, lets use our eyes to tell the story.

I dug around online to get an idea on celebrity weights...which is HARD AS HELL. These celebrities, especially actresses, don't want their true weight out there. One article I came across suggested to add as much as 20 lbs to any published weight of an actress. Compound that with the fact that websites all have various weights listed for the same person. So what I ended up doing was making educated guesses based on what is published across the internet.

Some of these will be surprising, some aren't, and if you really want to dig around on the internet, you could find compelling evidence that my estimations are wrong. But I'm getting paid to do this, and you'd be doing the same work to prove me wrong for free, which would just make you a jerk.

Here you go:

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez Returns to the Bronx for Her First Ever Hometown Concert to Launch State Farm Neighborhood Sessions

Not too shocking right away, J-Lo has curves for miles. She's listed at various weights online, but using the methods from the internet, she'd check in just over the proposed law. So someone would have to stand in a club with a scale every night to see if she could dance.

Lindsey Pelas

Louisiana's own Lindsey Pelas would run into the same problem as J-Lo according to most internet estimates. Also, much the same as Jennifer Lopez, Lindsey has curves, so you're probably not too shocked. Seriously, who would want to rob the world of the magic that Ms. Pelas would bring to the world on stage.

Amy Schumer

Inside Amy Schumer 3rd Season Premiere Party
Getty Images for Comedy Central

Amy Schumer made it very clear that she doesn't care at all what people say about her weight when she was promoting her movie Train Wreck last summer. She hit the nail-on-the-head with Louisiana's proposed weight limit, and called her shot right there.

Charlize Theron

Christopher Polk
Christopher Polk

We have just lost cabin pressure.

This is the one that will probably set everyone off, and there's another one further down the list who fits this same criteria. Charlize Theron is tall...I mean, tall. Height is as hard to pin down for an actress on the internet has weight is. But according to the average of the listed heights I've found for Charlize, she's just under 6-feet-tall. (Which is why all of her Sean Penn pictures are taken on an angle)

So when Charlize gets jacked up for a movie like Mad Max: Fury Road, she easily clears the 160 lbs mark.


Kevin Mazur
Kevin Mazur

Hopefully we've picked up on the theme...because Beyonce has obvious curves. Meaning the two things that you must have to hit this list are either above-average-height, or dangerous curves. Either way, things you'd want to see on stage, so why are we talking about cheating ourselves from this?

Anyway, Queen Bee has the moves to rock a club any time. If you have ever checked into one of her videos, even on mute, you know that to be a scientific fact. So again, why are we trying to cheat ourselves as a public?

Megan Fox

Megan Fox Throws The First Pitch In Seoul
Getty Images for Paramount

Here's the other tall one. Megan Fox can be listed anywhere from 5'4 to 5'7, which is taller than most Hollywood actresses.

Not sure how much her crazy thumbs weigh, but perhaps that contributes too.

There are websites that list her well under the weird 160 lbs number Rep Havard wants, but there are also sites that put her right at that number. So her average would be close enough to have to monitor her if she was going to perform under the proposed law.

Tyra Banks

NBC And Time Inc. Celebrate 50th Anniversary Of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

For her entire career, Tyra Banks has broken molds. She's a super-model, but she's not your 'traditional' super-model. She is the perfect combo of both of the rules for his list, she's almost 6-feet-tall, and she has some of the most dangerous curves the world has ever seen.

This also makes her the 'heaviest' on the list, with some estimates putting her around 180 lbs.

Now who honestly would be upset about seeing THAT 180 lbs woman on the stage at a club? The answer to that question shouldn't be high at all.

Kate Upton

Jamie McCarthy
Jamie McCarthy

You know, I'm starting to feel like I could do this all day.

There are a lot of celebrities like Kate Upton, they have curves, a full figure, and millions of followers. Perhaps this is the point where we draw a line in the sand...a weight rule is just stupid.

No one has a comprehension of what someone else weighs. Being able to guess that kind of thing is an old Vaudeville act. It's stupid to try and judge someone on a number like that. Because it means something different to every body type, every height, every person. Some people wear their weight different than others.

Look over this list, find ONE of these women that you think would turn people in a club off. There isn't one.

Again, this idea is stupid.

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