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Elio Motors has sort of been a running joke in Shreveport-Bossier. Back in the early 2010s, there were rumors that other car companies were interested in the old GM Plant in Shreveport. But, ultimately, the Caddo Commission decided to go with the Elio Motors, the start up company that was looking to produce a fuel efficient, next gen vehicle. In fact, the affordable vehicle allegedly could get 80+ MPG. It was going to be the future of automobiles in America.

However, since that initial announcement, Elio Motors has delayed production numerous times. Local citizens and politicians alike have become frustrated with the car company and the members of the commission. The shine of the new business venture quickly wore off and turned into anger.

In 2021, Elio announced that they are going electric. They announced a brand spanking new electric ride that can top out at 110 mph, can go 3 days between charges and only cost $14,900. And this brand new ride will built right here in Shreveport. Which sounds great, if you forget that they have yet to build the original car that was supposed to go into production back in 2014.

So, ALL these years later, where are the cars and jobs and everything else that was promised? Well, that's the million dollar question. Elio said that the electric version of the ride would go into production in 2022...but...nothing.

Also, according to a story from USA Today, the SEC is on record stating they have "substantial doubt" Elio Motors will stay afloat. However, in the same article, Owner and founder Paul Elio says that the company isn't a scam and starting a brand new motor company is hard. Which, I'm sure it is.

But, while Paul is trying to find a way for his vision to succeed, Shreveport still has an empty car plant rotting away and there are over 65,000 people who placed a deposit for a car that has yet to be delivered 8 years later. Shreveport will probably get a new Jimmie Davis Bridge and a fully renovated I-20 before the first Elio rolls off the line.

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