For more than 180 years, the New Orleans Times-Picayune Newspaper has been delivering news to residents of Louisiana.  On Thursday, the sale of venerable daily paper and its corresponding website was announced.  The company was sold for an undisclosed sum to rival news company the Advocate.  The Times and the Advocate have been battling it out since 1842 - although, it is worth noting that the Times was first having launched their publication in 1837.

News of the sale came quick, as did the news of the firings.  Immediately after the sale, the entire staff of the 182 year old organization learned that they would be getting the ax.  Word quickly spread that all 161 workers would be fired.  According to the Wrap, the entire employee roster would be terminated in 60 days.  In what has to be considered the thinnest of silver linings, Advocate Publisher Dan Shea is reportedly considering hiring some of the former rivals recently released staff.

No word on on the future of the publication or its website was available.

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