Eyehategod have a reputation for canceling gigs and are no stranger to mocking themselves about it onstage. With an upcoming tour with Discharge and Toxic Holocaust set to launch on Oct. 6, the New Orleans sludge pioneers have no intent on backing out here as they've tapped Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe to fill in for the ailing Mike IX Williams.

"Once again, rather than cancel an amazing tour, we have chosen for Eyehategod to continue on and give one-thousand-percent. This 2016 Discharge tour is super important to me as that band has been a huge influence on my life, but my health situation right now dictates that I am not able to take the stage and perform to the best of my abilities every single night," began Williams in an official statement.

He went on to chronicle that Blythe has been an Eyehategod fan since the early days of the band and even would put the band up at his place when they came through his hometown of Richmond, Va. The vocalist added, "To have Mr. Blythe on board as a fill in for me on vocals for this run is a true 'circle-stays-unbroken' turn of events! Coming off the heels of Philip Anselmo doing vocals for Eyehategod on two high profile shows [last month's performances at Southport Music Hall in New Orleans, La. and the 2016 edition of GWAR-B-Q in Richmond, Va. respectively], both of these men are at the top of their game. I am getting the medical help I need and will return to the band as soon as possible. Thank you, everybody..."

As for Blythe, he accepted the fill-in slot only after confirming that all of EHG green-lighted this move, especially Williams who chalks up Discharge as one of his biggest influences. The band's live show is bursting with a reckless sense of danger as they often fall further under the influence as the set goes on.

Noting this, the Lamb of God frontman said, "As anyone who has ever seen the band can attest, the stage of an Eyehategod show isn't exactly the ideal place to rest and recuperate from an illness and that is the most important thing here: that Mike IX gets better. In order to both give him the time to take care of his health while simultaneously keeping Eyehategod an active working unit, I'll be proud to do my bit on this tour and take the stage with what is undeniably one of the heaviest bands on earth. It will be a savage experience; I can promise you that. Let the down-to-earth-motherf--kin'-post-amplification-blues begin! Hail Mike IX."

As Williams himself commented, he was unable to perform with the band recently due to undisclosed medical issues and was temporarily replaced by fellow NOLA legend Philip Anselmo for a pair of gigs.

Eyehategod will be supporting 2014's eponymous release, their first since 2000. See the band's tour dates below.

Eyehategod / Discharge / Toxic Holocaust 2016 Tour Dates

10/06 -- Seattle, Wash. -- Studio Seven
10/07 -- Portland, Ore. -- Dantes
10/08 -- Santa Ana, Calif. -- Observatory
10/09 -- San Francisco, Calif. -- Slim's
10/10 -- Los Angeles, Calif. -- The Roxy
10/11 -- Pomona, Calif. -- Glass House
10/12 -- Boston, Mass. -- Brighton Music Hall
10/13 -- Baltimore, Md. -- Soundstage
10/14 -- New York, N.Y. -- Webster Hall/Marlin Room
10/15 -- Chicago, Ill. -- Reggies
10/16 -- Chicago, Ill. -- Reggies with Negative Approach, Svlphvrvs

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