Thanks to the fiasco that's happening in Japan, fallout shelters are making a big comeback.

Japan suffered a huge disaster this past year and they are still feeling the aftermath and making the cleanup. But due to the disaster, people everywhere are growing more and more concerned with fallout and radiation. People tend to go a little overboard and let their imaginations run away into the night but this time, they may be spot on. Fallout Shelters are popping up all over the world including the states. Yep, good old concrete bunkers filled with jugs of water and potted meat. I must say that I kind of want one as well. Think about the man cave potential the place could have. Big screen TV's, Blue Ray player, surround sound, awesome recliners, a whiskey cellar, a brewery, a pool table, and this is me just spitballing. The best part is is that you can use it before the world goes to Hell just to get away from the kids and the wife and just be a man. Ok, now I have to go to Home Depot cause I am excited.