Now we can hear their catchy jingle in our commercials and be able to use their services.

We are Farmers, bom ba dom ba bom bom bom. Oh come on, you know you're hearing that catchy jingle in your head right now. If it's not, this should help.



Naturally, due to how many Farmers Insurance commercials we see all the time, I was a little shocked to know that Farmers wasn't available to Louisianians. When I think of the big guys in the world of insurance, I think of the usual suspects... You know, Geico, All-State, Farmers, ect. However, Farmers has not been available to us in Louisiana for quite some time.

Over six years to be exact. Farmers discontinued its Louisiana coverage back in 2014 after the events of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita. As you can imagine, those two monstrous storms were disastrous for us in the state, and also disastrous for our insurance providers. So while I don't love that they left in 2014, I guess I really can't blame them.

However, Farmers insurance is officially back in Louisiana as of this week. Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon has announced the return of Farmers Insurance to the state of Louisiana, offering automobile, property, and renter’s insurance. Speaking about Farmers' return to the Bayou State, Donelon says, "To return to the State’s east of the Mississippi in a big way and we’ll be the 40th state where the company sells the insurance under the Farmers brand.”



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