Fibrebond, one of Minden's largest employers, is eyeing a move to east Texas, at least according to an email posted on Facebook by the company's President and CEO Graham Walker. Walker's post hints that the 37-year-old company might be looking to pull up stakes and head west.

More info from kbef.com:

"According to the email from Walker, Fibrebond has been in talks with local and state politicians in regards to the bridges that surround the Fibrebond location off of Erwin Thompson Drive. The email states that Fibrebond has concerns with “failing local bridges” that could shut their business down. The bridges in question are the bridge at Horton Street, which according to the email is already de-rated, and the three bridges over Bayou Dorcheat, which according to the email, are likely to be de-rated upon the next inspection. Walker states that he has been in touch with Senator Ryan Gatti and State Representative Wayne McMahen on the issue since February of 2019.

The email states that within 48 hours of hearing the news of the three bridges over Bayou Dorcheat, which are located on the only shipping route that Fibrebond can use, a site selection firm was hired to consider alternative locations. There are two options, according to the email, that Fibrebond is considering:

  1. Stay in Minden, if the State will improve the infrastructure. The email states that they need 2 transportation routes and guarantees that their shipping loads can be handled by the routes.
  2. Fibrebond relocates to East Texas.

According to the email, Fibrebond has received initial proposals from several communities in East Texas as well as interest from the State of Texas for potential relocation. Fibrebond has sent an RFP (Request for Proposal) to the State of Louisiana to help with commitments to keep the 750 jobs currently at the Minden facility in Minden. In early September, Fibrebond will host four communities from East Texas for in-person meetings. If the State of Louisiana responds to Fibrebond’s RFP, they will be included in the meetings as well."

A final decision on the company's possible relocation is expected to be made by October 1.

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