The Louisiana Film Prize has narrowed the list of films for this years event to the best 20 which will compete for the $50,000 grand prize.

The unique thing about the Louisiana Film Prize is that the films must be made in Northwest Louisiana.


Close to 100 movies were submitted for consideration this year.

Here is the list of finalists (in the order they were announced):

  1. Same time next week
  2. Ghosted
  3. Black Pajamas
  4. And that is why I succeed
  5. Maven Voyage
  6. A diminished art
  7. Supplements
  8. Stiff Arm
  9. Shrevepoet
  10. Cicero
  11. Leo and Grace
  12. Ascension
  13. Invitation
  14. Nowhere Arkansas
  15. Best in show
  16. Mister Marvelous
  17. St. Ester Day
  18. Fast Forward Style
  19. Anniversary
  20. RIP

These 20 films will compete at the Prize Fest October 2-6 in Shreveport.

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