Foo Fighters returned to the Forum in Los Angeles last night (Aug. 26), delivering a rousing performance that included a cameo from viral drumming star Nandi Bushell.

The concert had originally been scheduled for July 17, but was postponed after a member of the band’s inner circle tested positive for COVID-19.

Most of the evening featured what fans have come to expect from the Foos: high energy, dynamic musicianship, loud guitar riffs and an inviting, let’s-all-party-together atmosphere. The band opened with three of their biggest hits: “Times Like These,” “The Pretender” and “Learn to Fly.” Later highlights included “My Hero,” “Walk,” "Best of You” and two covers: the Bee Gees“You Should Be Dancing” and Queen’s “Somebody to Love.”

Still, the biggest moment of the night came during the bans’s final song. Frontman Dave Grohl set the scene, taking a moment to address the crowd.

“One day I pick up my phone and my friends text me and say ‘Have you seen this shit?’ And I pick up my phone and see that somebody has challenged me to a drum-off…” the frontman recalled of the moment he was made aware of Bushell’s viral video. “I tried to brush it off but all my friends started telling me, ‘No dude. You’ve got to step-up: this is a drum-off!’ So I responded and put out a little thing. And then she comes back. And she whips my fucking ass in front of the entire planet.”

Watch Foo Fighters Perform With Nandi Bushell

Though Grohl joked about a feud with the child prodigy -- even calling her his “arch-nemesis” -- the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer spoke earnestly about how the young musician affected him.

“This person inspired me last year so much,” Grohl admitted. “In a time when you would pick up your phone or turn on your computer and all you would have was bad news, for that one day you could pick up the phone and see this connection between two people that have never met, making music together and spreading joy and love all across the world.”

It was at that moment that the Foo Fighters welcomed Bushell to the stage. Looking a little nervous but clearly soaking it all in, the young star smiled and waved before taking a seat behind her drum kit.

“We’ve had the honor to jam with some pretty amazing people over the years,” Grohl proclaimed. Maybe some Beatles, maybe some Stones, maybe some Pink Floyds. But let me tell you something, this one right now takes the cake.”

From there, the band -- along with Bushell -- launched into their final song of the night, “Everlong.”

Videos, the complete set list and our exclusive gallery of images from the show can be seen below.

Watch Foo Fighters Perform With Nandi Bushell

Foo Fighters, The Forum, Los Angeles

Foo Fighters, The Forum, Los Angeles - Aug. 26, 2021

1. “Times Like These”
2. “The Pretender”
3. “Learn to Fly”
4. “No Son of Mine”
5. “The Sky Is a Neighborhood”
6. “Shame Shame”
7. “Rope”
8. “Breakout”
9. “My Hero”
10. “These Days”
11. “Medicine at Midnight”
12. “Walk”
13. “You Should Be Dancing”
14. “Somebody to Love”
15. “All My Life”
16. “Aurora”
17. “Best of You”
18. “Monkey Wrench”
19. “Everlong”

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