Louisiana; it's not just a state. It's a state of mind. A way of life. It's in our hearts, in our actions and on our tongues.

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When we hear people from other states trying to pronounce the names of some of our towns, it just makes us laugh.

Course, I've always believed that if you really want to have fun with an outsider, try to get them to pronounce the name of something everyone of us has in our kitchen cabinet. It's Tony Chachere's!

Tony Chacheres Facebook Page
Tony Chacheres Facebook Page

They get the Tony part just fine, so it's a good thing most of us just call it "Tony's" or they'd be lost forever. And for our out of town guests, it's Sash' uh rees.

Tony Chachere's; It's In Everyone's Kitchen

And for those under the age of 50 that were blessed to be born here in the Bayou State, your kitchen has always had at least one box of the Cajun seasoning that put Louisiana on the map.

Happy Birthday Tony Chachere's!

At tonychacere.com, we learn that 50 years ago, in 1972, after he had published the Cajun Country Cookbook that included the recipe for his homemade seasoning blend, Tony Chachere began to manufacture that Creole Seasoning.

50 years later, no respectable Louisiana kitchen would be caught dead without the seasoning. I've always believed that you only have two kinds of kitchens here in Louisiana. The ones with Tony's and then are those who just sent someone to the store to get more Tony's.

Surfing the Tony Chachere's Facebook page, I found some incredible recipes using the Creole Seasoning, and thought you might like to try what I consider to be The Top 7 Tony Chachere's Recipes!

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