Former North Webster High School star Devin White became a national star while playing at LSU. He was essentially a household name for college football fans for his last two years in Baton Rouge.

His play earned him a spot in the NFL. He was drafted this year at #5 overall by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The rookie was set to be a starter on day one, one a defense that had a lot of issues last year. But that weight did not seem to be too much for White. Even though he's missed some time due to illness and injuries, he's been one of the best rookies in the NFL this year.

As well as he's played, he is actually getting more attention for his leadership.

ESPN recently did a story on White becoming the "tone setter" for the Tampa Bay defense. In the story, White's teammates, veteran players, shared their assessment of White. Here's a little bit of those interviews:

"Bucs linebacker Kevin Minter has known White since he was a freshman at LSU and marvels at his leadership and playmaking.

"Regardless of him being a rookie, he wants the best out of this defense. He wants the best for this team," Minter said. "He doesn't mind stepping in front and saying that [stuff]. He's a special kid. Everybody knows that here. ... He can put 'em up and put 'em down. That kid can run and always has. Like I knew he could run but I didn't think he was gonna do all that [against Carson]. But that kid surprises me every day."

Veteran defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul, who has gotten into players' faces this season over mistakes and perceived lack of contrition after losses, applauded White for huddling up his teammates.

"It says a lot," Pierre-Paul said. "It says he's ready to take on a role that most guys won't. When I was a rookie, I wouldn't have ever done nothing like that."

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