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Former Shreveport Police Homicide Detective Rod Demery has teamed up with famed scientist Professor Turi King to investigate history's most intriguing murders using modern investigation techniques and technologies that weren't available at the time of the murders.  The series is titled Unearthed: Ancient Murder Mysteries.

Rod Demery/Facebook
Rod Demery/Facebook

Demery visits crime scenes and interviews archaeologist witnesses, while King, best known for leading the DNA verification of Richard III of England, examines the latest forensic evidence. Unearthing a list of suspects for each murder, Demery and King use their extensive experience to predict the killer’s identity.

Rod Demery/Facebook
Rod Demery/Facebook

Demery told KEELNews:

This was a fascinating adventure! To investigate and close cases with the renowned, Dr. Turi King; using such advanced technology and science across the world was amazing. Cases that are centuries old bring a new meaning to “cold case”

We traveled to several remarkable locations like Scotland, Denmark, Italy, Austria… we worked with some of Europe’s most accomplished archaeologists, geneticists, and historians; this was a life changing opportunity.


This isn't Demery's first venture into television.  Demery narrated the 2017 crime drama Murder Chose Me, that aired on Investigation Discovery. That show was based on Demerey's work as a Shreveport Police Department homicide detective.  It highlights homicide cases he worked on during the 14 years he was a homicide detective.

Rodney Demery has also written two books available on Amazon Kindle. His 2011 title, Things My Daughters Need to Know: A Cop and Father's View of Sex, Relationships and Happiness was an Amazon Bestseller when it was released.  Demery released his second book, No Place for Race: Why We Need to Address Economic and Social Factors That Are Crushing Us Every Day, in October 2013.  It has also been featured and reviewed on multiple news outlets throughout the United States.

Demery said the new 6-part series, Unearthed: Ancient Murder Mysteries, produced by Off the Fence and Curiosity Studios is expected to be released this spring.

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