Did you know that it's perfectly legal in some parts of this country to be stark naked in view of your neighbors?

There's a guy in Charlotte who's been getting away with it for more than a decade.

For some reason there's a legal loophole that allows this creep to flaunt and expose his loophole.

For the last 10 years, he's been opening his home's front door and hanging his beef at every opportunity, Charlotte's WBTV News reported.

As you might imagine, this window-licker is really making it difficult for others in the neighborhood to enjoy the outdoors. Hopefully the neighbors find a legal way to stop this guy and his schwantz shennanigans.

This guy is worse than Eric Zane dashing nakedly through his home, shouting: "Nude dude coming through!"

At least Zane was only scarring his own kids for life.


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