When someone is labeled a supermodel, you pretty much expect them to live up to that title and be beautiful, prim and proper. You don't expect them to be doing the stuff that you and your buddies do while sitting at the bar.

But supermodel Kathy Ireland is here to break that stereotype.

Ireland is a judge for the Miss America pageant this year in Atlantic City, N.J.

Each judge had to fill out a form with some little-known facts about themselves, and she revealed she could burp the ABCs.

That's probably something that the 51-year-old Ireland wasn't expecting to have to back up, but she did.

The host, Dena Blizzard, called Ireland up on stage during Miss America preliminaries Wednesday night and put her on the spot! While Ireland didn't get through the entire alphabet, she managed to burp out a few fairly respectable letters.

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