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Can you believe we only have one Friday the 13th on the calendar for 2022? Seems a little sinister, right? Ohhhh! Spooky, spooky, spooky! Will you end up looking over your shoulder all day? Are you waiting for the other shoe to drop? Or, do you even care?

A new poll says that 19% of us are nervous about Friday the 13th.

I will say that Friday the 13th used to freak me out. Give me a break, I'm mostly Irish. 21% of people say they worry about walking under ladders and breaking mirrors. 15% say black cats make them nervous. Those numbers seem pretty low to me. Maybe no one has enough time to worry about these things anymore? I asked people about it in the office today and most didn't even know it WAS Friday the 13th... The rest were like, 'oh yeah...' There is something quite interesting about this particular Friday the 13th though... it's the only one we'll have in 2022. That has to mean something right! Either way, I like random facts. Perhaps the Mayans wrote about it?

In the end, I became a fan of Friday the 13th. And it's all because of a movie called Saturday the 14th that I loved to watch growing up. The tagline was something like, 'If you thought Friday the 13th was bad, you should see Saturday the 14th!' It's completely ridiculous and it makes me laugh. If you get a chance to watch Saturday the 14th this weekend, give it a chance. It's old, campy, slapstick and it's a lot of fun!

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