Are you one of those people who likes to screw up rent cars and UHAULS because you figure, "Hey. It's not mine and I bought the insurance." Well then this is the story for you lol.

Over the weekend I saw something truly amazing. I was driving down Clyde Fant near this UHAUL truck and we were doing about 55 mph. Up ahead, I saw a mattress that had fallen out of someone's truck and I gave the UHAUL enough space to move out of the way so it could swerve it. It clearly had time but it never let off the gas and before I knew it, BAM! It has ran the damn thing over. Some wires in the mattress had gotten tangled in the exhaust and they were dragging the mattress down the road. Some boys finally got off and instead of trying to dislodge the mattress, they instead jumped on top of the part of the mattress that was sticking out from underneath the truck and someone drove down the road with them on the back. Now I can't be clear, but I have to assume that this was done on purpose with the given evidence and I am willing to bet any amount of money and a testicle that the last words before impact were, "Eff it!!! It's a UHAUL."