It's official my niece and nephew are over the summertime blues. They are ready to go out and do something fun. However, my siblings are tasked with finding fun things for their kids to do that don't break the bank and that don't drain them physically due to the heat.

Thankfully we have the folks at Sci-Port always thinking of ways to entertain us and the kids in our lives. The best part is it all takes place indoors. Praise the Lord for that one, I can't imagine doing anything outside right now.

Ian Summers

If you're that parent that takes every opportunity to tell your kid that back in your day you had to go to an arcade to play a video game, this is the trip for you. It sounds like a trip down memory lane. I'm sure it is an odd thought for a child to think that back in the day you weren't able to just play games in the palm of a hand and the touch of a finger using a cell phone.

Ian Summers

Game-Port will take a look at the evolution of games and digital gaming. According to their Facebook page, they will take a deep dive into all of the games, yup even board games. "From historic board games like Candy Land, Checkers, and Backgammon to classic and newer digital games that can be played with a giant custom-made retro-inspired game controller. The classic early 1970’s Pong game has been reimagined into a game called “Port Pong” will feature an overhead playing “table” that guests will stand in a portal and use their hands as the pong paddles to volley the electric pong “ball” back and forth to each other."

Ian Summers

Game-Port also has some digital game-inspired Putt-Putt golf greens, classic pinball games, and early video games that they have probably never seen before. This sounds like a little gamers paradise.

If your child is always asking "why?" and "how?" make sure they check out the Game Guts Section, they can see the inner workings of classic game systems over the last thirty years.

You can purchase tickets that start at just $5 by clicking here. Game-Port will run until August 29th, so get your gaming in now.

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