This weekend I got to spend the weekend helping out Australia cosplayer Cosplay Chris, best known for his Wolverine likeness at Geek'd Con!

I was assigned to be Cosplay Chris aka Chris Stanley's 'guest handler' at Geek'd Con and he was an absolute pleasure to work with. It was his first con as a guest and he told me repeatedly how impressed he was with the people of Louisiana and how friendly we were. He was especially appreciative of the women!

Cosplay is still a relatively new concept to our area and he patiently explained to visitors what he does and how cosplay works, even letting children try on his specially fitted 'Wolverine' claws. One of my favorite conversations that I witnessed over the weekend was Chris explaining to an older lady that yes, people do get paid to dress up like characters and make YouTube videos!

Cosplay Chris is known for his Wolverine cosplay. Other characters he's noted for portraying are 'Knightmare' Batman and Nathan Drake from Uncharted. You have to admit, he really does look like the characters he's emulating. In fact, he dramatically transformed his body to play Wolverine and you can see his journey here. In the end, I think his Wolverine better than Hugh Jackman's!

In addition to making videos about cosplay and costuming, Chris also reviews movies and memorabilia. Not only was Chris nice to look at, he was a genuinely nice guy. This girl sure hopes he'll be back next year for Geek'd Con 2017!

Get to know about Cosplay Chris here:

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