Gene Simmons and Ace Frehley have been buddying up a lot lately. The two KISS bandmates were most recently seen together at Simmons' Vault Experience Event recently at Walter Grace Vintage Guitars in Miami, Fla. A video has emerged of the event, showing both guys playing together, and having an overall great time.

There's been a few clips of Ace and Gene playing together, but what makes this one a little more special is it's a very lowkey event, and the two can be seen paling around and cracking jokes. The pair covered various topics, including their first forays into solo songs, as well as their favorite stories about each other.

"The wonderful thing about Gene is he's a ladies man, right?" says Frehley. "I was kind of a shy guy, believe it or not. I needed a couple of drinks to loosen up. Sometimes Gene would call my room and go 'Listen up, I've got two girls, you want one?' And I'd get set up. And that was a lot of our relationship."

The video shows that the two have excellent chemistry despite the tumultuous relationship that they've had over the years. And this video will provide more fuel for the rumors that Ace may be back in Spaceman makeup sometime soon, which seems much more probable with an appearance on this year's KISS cruise.

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