In response to the steep increase in gun-related homicides since 2015 and the resulting public outcry, the Shreveport Police Department (SPD) and Crimestoppers have launched a new initiative to aid in combating the problem.

The campaign is called "End The Silence Stop The Violence" and provides cash incentives for residents to give tips to authorities about convicted felons who are unlawfully in possession of firearms.

The process is simple.  If a person would like to give a tip, they simply contact Crimestoppers through their tip line at (318) 673-7373 or online at If the tip leads to the arrest of a felon, the gun will be seized and the tipster will be rewarded with $300 per incident (not per gun recovered).

As always with Crimestoppers, all tips are kept confidential, and tipsters can be assured of complete anonymity.

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