Ghost will soon release a documentary celebrating their behind-the-scenes team! As the ones who make the band’s epic show possible, you’ll see exactly how everything is triumphantly woven together while on the road.

If you’re ever at a Ghost concert and see someone dressed as a sinister priest, chances are that’s a member of Ghost’s road crew. Whether it be the road manager, merch dude or sound guys, these black-shirted followers are responsible for creating one of metal’s best live shows.

Ghost released a trailer for the upcoming documentary subtly while announcing an Oct. 20 gig in Los Angeles. In grandiose fashion, a narrator brings fans along for a backstage look into the busy world of Ghost’s team. The trailer shows short clips of crew members building Ghost’s stage, lining up the ghouls’ instruments and even recruiting the nuns who give communion to the crowd each night.

There’s no word on when the documentary will be released, though it seems like Ghost will publish it to YouTube sometime in the near future. Keep your eyes open and get excited for a look into what goes into creating a Ghost gig!

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