Louisiana is the home of some notoriously haunted places.  According to HauntedRooms.com you can find these paranormal occurrences among the many reported in our storied state:

  • The ghost of little Sara Morgan is said to inhabit the Old Louisiana State Capitol in Baton Rouge.
  • Guests report seeing the ghosts of two Confederate soldiers in rooms at the Hotel Provincial in New Orleans.  The apparitions are said to appear in solid form and even make eye contact.  (ooohweeeoooh)
  • In Shreveport, Municipal Auditorium attendees have reported hearing strange noises and voices.  Others have seen a girl in a blue dress wandering the passageways.

The Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville is widely regarded as one of the most haunted places in the entire country.  The plantation was constructed in 1796 and has changed hands many times over the years.  It is now a bed-and-breakfast with famously impeccable service and paranormal experiences.  The dying footsteps of a past owner have reportedly been heard by staff and visitors.  A grand piano will mysteriously play itself.  And the most famous haunting is that of Chloe, a servant who was hanged after poisoning a cake that resulted in the death of one of the plantation's owners and his family.

One of the most intriguing "sightings" of Chloe happened this week.  On Monday, Myrtles Plantation posted a selfie that was taken by a group of women visitors.  In the background an image of a young woman appears to be peering through a windowpane. Is this Chloe photobombing the selfie?  Or is it just a reflection off the window?  (ooohweeeoooh)


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