Shots broke out at a congressional baseball game in Alexandria, Va early this morning, when Louisiana Congressman and House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was hit with a bullet.

According to Louisiana Congressman Mike Johnson, he had heard reports in the halls of Congress that the attack was based on the fact that the practice was attended by Republicans.

Regardless of political affiliation, Scalise is a native of Louisiana, which is why Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards shared these strong words towards the assailant in this act of terror. Edwards joins a bipartisan reaction to the shooting, which includes fellow Congress members, Senators, and Governors.

More reports will continue to surface throughout the day, but Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy is on the record this morning saying Scalise is in the hospital in surgery at this time, and his injuries are not life-threatening. There are currently no reports on the condition of the suspect at this time, outside of rumors.

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