Governor John Bel Edwards issues a word of caution to Louisiana residents. He says out state is making progress in the fight against Coronavirus, but he warns don't expect things to get back to normal anytime soon.

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Federal stats show a steady decline in expected COVID deaths in Louisiana relative to projections at the start of the month, but the Governor says

Those models are informed by the assumption that says that those measures will be in place through the end of May.

Edwards does say he is considering extending the stay at home order that is now in place. He adds that this order, once it is lifted won't end all at once.

Whenever we start the transition it is not gonna be like flipping a light switch. It's gonna be a transition period.

Once the order is lifted, the governor says medical experts will closely monitor the rate of new infections If new infections increase too fast, the state will shut down again. The current stay at home order is in place through the end of this month.

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