According to Good Morning America, Lois Reiss, the Grandma Killer, has been caught.

If you missed our previous post about this then check out the button below. We discussed how Lois Reiss allegedly murdered her husband in Minnesota. Then traveled to Florida and befriended a woman who looked like her then killed her to take her identity. She was last spotted, when we originally reported, in Corpus Christi. This created a multi-state man hunt to find her.

ABC News says that two federal deputy marshals arrested her at a beach resort restaurant in South Padre Island, Texas. Reiss was 27 miles from the Mexico border.

The crazy thing is that during her travel from Florida to Texas she stopped in Louisiana to win some money at a casino. According to AJC news, Reiss bounced from casino to casino to try and make some money before heading to Texas and then Mexico. The casinos she visited were not named.