A geek...that's smoking hot. An oxymoron, right? Not if you're talking about Olivia Munn. But, is she really a geek? Yeah, she was one of the stars of 'Attack of the Show' on the G4 network - a network devoted to the world of video games and the video game lifestyle. But she was this >< close to not being hired because of her weak video game skills. Ok, so she's not so much a geek. But she is hot, right?

Which is probably 90% of the reason she scored a role in Iron Man 2 (and a handfull of lesser known flix: Date Night, Insanitarium, Big Stan). She never really caught on in the movie biz, and since 2010 has been regulated to TV work - for about 20 minutes in her own show 'Perfect Couples', and most recently as a reporter on The Daily Show.

Olivia, you may never be a huge star...like Kim Kardashian (cough, cough), but, you'll always be one of my guilty plasures...

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