Jimi Hendrix was arguably the best guitar player of all time.  He was mostly self taught, and broke a lot of rules doing so.  For instance: He played his right-handed Fender Strat strung upside down and backward to accommodate his left-handed playing style.  To say that he is an inspiration to aspiring guitarists around the world is an understatement to say the least.  For the hardest of hardcore Hendrix fans, JOI Guitars is offering a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a piece of musical history that actually makes music!

JOI has purchased reclaimed wood from Jimi's childhood home in Seattle to make their new line of guitars. It was the first home purchased by the Hendrix family back in the Spring of 1953.  It's also the home where Jimi first started his long love affair with the guitar after his father bought his first one for $5.

No word on the price of the Harmonic Hendrix Home Guitar, but seeing as they are hand crafted and limited to a production run of 10 - they are most likely going to be expensive.  Make that 9 - Slash from Guns and Roses has already snatched one up!

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