To say the situation in Hawaii is fiery display of Mother Nature's power is a bit of an understatement.  It's a bit more accurate that residents of our 50th state are getting a very up-close and personal lesson on the genesis of the island they live on.  The beautiful island paradise was born when gigantic undersea volcanoes started spewing molten rock up through the Pacific Ocean.  When it hardened and cooled, the nutrient rich soil left behind transformed the volcanic wasteland into a beautiful tropical paradise.  Now, the island chain has decided to become a bit larger the only way it knows how - by shooting molten rock all over the place again.

Team members with the United States Geological Survey (USGS) observed a very strange phenomenon while studying the natural devastation that is happening on the Island State.  The massive heat rising off of the river of molten rock, and the subsequent rushing in of cooler air to replace it, has created several tornadoes.  However, these tornadoes aren't throwing around debris like dirt, trees, or other ordinary tornado fodder - these demonic vortices are slinging lava.  The video below is not from a heavy metal music video, but it could be.

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